Yellow Brook’s Leia


8 months s4 8 months s











8 months f2

8 months s3

8 months f







Leia is our only orange doe so far, she is being used for our cream project. Leia has amazing width for being such a small rabbit (only just 3lbs), shes nice and compact with a cute head. Leia has big litters, with her first having 6 and her second having 5! We have worked hard to only keep the good producers and it has paid off! Leia is a more shy bun compared to the others but shes an amazing mother and before she had her litters she was being trained in rabbit hopping and doing well at it!

Evaluation: Very nice width on this doe, very wide shoulder with a really nice chest. Very good topline and HQs, nice head that balances with the body with good short round ears. Bone is a tad long but nice and thick with strong ankles. Would mostly fault on a slipped crown and a tiny bit of shoulder length after having babies.

Pics Taken at: 6 months
Gender: SR doe
Colour: Solid Orange
Known Genotype: Aa B_ C_ Dd ee (carries self and dilute) 
Majority Of Lines: Camelot, Murphy
Bred By: Yellow Brook Rabbitry
Show Results: Legs: 0, BIS (0), RIS (0), BOB (0), BOV (0), BOSV (0), BOS (0), 1st (0), 2nd (0), 3rd (0)
Personality: Shy, great mother
For Sale: No 
Top Offspring: