Yellow Brook’s Java











Java is our only false dwarf brood doe, very glad I kept her! Shes a great producer and for her first litter had 6 live babies! She is a typical false dwarf with the longer ears and midsection though there is a lot I like about her! Love her bone, amazing HQ and lots of width with a nice topline. Shes being used  for our tort and blue projects. Big brood does should not be under estimated! Java is very friendly and loves attention, and shes a great mother.

Evaluation: Very nice smooth, round topline on this doe. Amazing HQ and very good width throughout. Love her bone and a nice head. Ears are nice and open with good substance. Would fault on some body length (typical false dwarf brood doe) and needs better crown placement.

Pics Taken at: 7-8 months
Gender: SR doe
Colour: Solid Black Tort
Known Genotype: aa B_ C_ Dd ee (carries dilute) 
Majority Of Lines: Camelot, Dubois
Bred By: Yellow Brook Rabbity
Show Results: Legs: 0, BIS (0), RIS (0), BOB (0), BOV (0), BOSV (0), BOS (0), 1st (0), 2nd (0), 3rd (0)
Personality: Laid back, very friendly
For Sale: No 
Top Offspring:


Yellow Brook’s ?? (solid blue tort prejunior buck)