Yellow Brook’s Fandango

Yellow Brook’s Fandango

Sire: Mel’s Spaze

Dam: NGF’s Fairy Dust

Lines: NGF, Locket, Mel’s

Colour: Solid Black Sallander (carries dilute)

Known Genotype: aa B_ cchdcchd Dd ee

Award Highlights: 4th OSRBA 

Personality: Busy

Fandango is a cute doe with an awesome head!! She passes on this head to 100% of her babies. She is really massive and is currently one of my best producing does. For those of you who do not know about this colour, Sallander is a self Frosty and is not the same as a Sable Point.

This evaluation card is not a complete evaluation of the rabbit's type. It is a basic outlook on the rabbit's quality as well as a helpful learning tool for new breeders.

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