Yellow Brook’s Charlie



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This buck is a great addition to our herd, he is mainly being used for our cream project and has produced some beautiful babies so far for us. There isn’t a lot I would fault him on I particularly love his head and his topline. Has only shown once as a junior so far and did very well. Hes a super snuggly guy and everyone here loves him! 

Evaluation: Love that head on this guy!  Nice ear with a lot of substance, the lines he is from have always made really thick ears. Nice crown, love the crown definition on him. Crown placement is pretty good, could be a tad higher on the head but getting a perfect crown is nearly impossible. My favorite thing about him is his really nice round topline. Biggest thing I would fault him on is he could use some more width, breeding him too really wide does and none of his babies have been narrow.

Pics Taken at: 9 months

Gender: SR buck

Colour: Broken Orange

Known Genotype: Aa B_ C_ Dd ee (carries self and dilute)

Majority Of Lines: Camelot, Murphy, Lil’bit Farms

Bred By: Yellow Brook Rabbitry

Show Results: Legs: 0, BIS (0), RIS (0), BOB (0), BOV (0), BOSV (0), BOS (0), 1st (1), 2nd (2), 3rd (0) 

Personality: Very friendly, energetic

For Sale: No

Top Offspring:

Yellow Brook’s ?? (pre junior broken tort buck)









Yellow Brook’s ?? (pre junior broken tort buck)








Yellow Brook’s ?? (pre junior broken orange doe)