Yellow Brook’s Centaurus

Yellow Brook’s Centaurus

Sire: Redelman’s Kirby

Dam: Teel’s Olympus

Lines: Redelman, BNG

Colour: Lilac

Known Genotype: aa bb CC dd EE

Award Highlights: BOV Open OH Mini Convention, 1st OH Mini Convention

Personality: Outgoing, friendly, energetic

Centaurus is a lovely buck and I have been told by multiple judges that he is stunning and my best English Spot. His type is everything I look for in a Spot and he really loves to show off at the shows. Not only that but hes so friendly and jumps up on me to nuzzel me in the face whenever I see him. 

This evaluation card is not a complete evaluation of the rabbit's type. It is a basic outlook on the rabbit's quality as well as a helpful learning tool for new breeders.

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