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Transport to Watertown NY area is available BEFORE Christmas, after that transport likely will not be available until spring shows. 

Rabbits can be shipped by air as well before Christmas. Contact us for more information on shipping if desired. 

Yellow Brook’s Whirlwind

Sire: RRR’s Ham (solid blue)

Dam: NGF’s Fairy Dust (solid blue frosty)

Lines: NGf, Locket, Washburn, A Rabbit Of Habit

Colour: Solid Opal (carries chinchilla, self, non-extension)

Known Genotype: Aa B_ Ccchd dd Ee

DOB: Feb 7th 2018 (young senior) 

Whirlwind is a lovely buck and he is 100% a buck I would use in my own herd. Only reason I am selling is I am overrun with bucks. He has a GREAT head and it will get better yet with age! Nice topline and HQ, thick bone, very nice crown definition. Nice solid buck. Would fault on a little shoulder and bone length. He is guaranteed to carry chinchilla so he will be a cute buck for a chinchilla project. He is not proven to no fault of his own, have not been able to breed all summer due to personal circumstances. I simply have never tried using him but if he does not sell soon I will be getting litters from him for spring. Hes a really cute guy and wish I didn’t have to part with him! 


Yellow Brook’s Nibbles

Sire: NGF’s 502 (solid black chinchilla)

Dam: NGF’s Fairy Dust (solid blue frosty)

Lines: NGF, Locket

Colour: Solid Black Chinchilla (carries dilute, non-extension)

Known Genotype: A_ B_ cchd_ Dd Ee

DOB: August 19th 2018 (14 weeks old)

Nibbles is sadly available due to space, I am already keeping 3 sisters and can’t keep them all. There is a chance she is a normal, can’t guarantee without test breeding. This doe has a really cute head, she was only 12 weeks old in the pics! These pics were taken a couple weeks ago and she is already way nicer then the pics show, she is getting more bone, head, and body mass by the day! I love her smooth, deep topline with a nice HQ to match. Her dad always produces really nice babies, some of the best in my barn. Since she carries dilute and non-extension, there is a good chance she could produce Frosty paired with the right rabbit. I just looked at her again on Dec 3rd and regretting my decision to sell her already, snap her up fast before I change my mind! 

Full Sister

Yellow Brook’s Henry

Sire: Redelman’s Kirby (7 legs lilac)

Dam: Van Ink’s Kiwi (black)

Lines: Redelman, BR4Ever

Colour: Black (carries dilute, chocolate, possibly non-extension)

Known Genotype: aa Bb CC Dd E_ 

DOB: April 3rd 2018 (7 months)

Henry is a cute buck and will be a nice addition to someones herd! I love his herringbone it is thick, correctly marked and tail colour is very good. Nice deep black colour. Very nice limbs on him lots of length and no weak ankle. Overall I quite like his body type and he tracks evenly and high off the table. Would like his chain to have better graduation and a cleaner ear base. He is by my best buck who has won RIS, multiple BOBs among others. And out of a favorite doe of mine. Both parents can be viewed on this website. He would also be a good buck for a youth or for 4H. His personality is so nice he loves attention and very easy to handle. Never been scratched by him can hold him all day long. Even though he is laid back he still shows himself off well on the table. Sad to see him go! 

Teel’s Olympus

Sire: BNG’s Leroy 

Dam: Teel’s Milkyway Dreams

Lines: BNG, BR4EVer

Colour: Chocolate (carries dilute) 

Known Genotype: aa bb CC Dd E_ 

DOB: May 3rd 2016 (senior doe)

Olympus has been my best producing doe! She herself is lightly marked however this is not something she seems to pass on. Her babies always have great graduation, definition of markings, and body type as well as tracking. I attached pics of  a couple of my favorites out of her. She is a great mother and has a litter of 8 every single time. Has never missed once since I have owned her. She has made a huge difference to my herd, I have lots of babies from her so ready to let someone else benefit from her. She has nice body type with lots of length and nice limbs. 

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