Rabbit Photography Options

Bring your rabbit to my rabbitry for the day and get a full set of beautiful pictures! Below are the different options for picture taking. Pictures are professional looking and high quality. You can either have Holiday pictures OR just everyday posed pictures for sales or just to show your rabbit off. We can do any breed of rabbit and at any time of the year. Can also take fun pictures of your pet rabbit!


Posed Photos

$15: Complete Set- Includes 1 photo each of the side, front, top, and behind of the rabbit. And also 1 side photo of the rabbit on an angle. Total of 5 photos.

$4: 1 side photo

$4 1 front photo

$4 1 side photo on an angle



Pine tree backround $6

Apple tree backround $4

Old barn backround $4

Rabbitry backround $3

Haybales backround $4

Seasonal/Holiday backround $8


Green Turf Backdrop $3

Red Backdrop $3

Purple Backdrop $3

Blue Backdrop $3

Pink Backdrop $3

Seasonal/Holiday backdrop $8

(More colour requests can be made) 



Dark Green $3

Cream $3

Turf (1 inch thick) $6

Tan $3

Seasonal/Holiday mat $4




$2 extra for multiple rabbits each in a photo