Our hoppers!!

As well as breeding towards the ARBA standard of perfection and competing at normal rabbit shows, we also do rabbit hopping! Our English Spots are great hoppers and really enjoy it. We previously raised English Spots, sadly however we had to sell out because of personal situation. We kept a couple back as pets and they are enjoying their hopping 🙂 

Meet Jim, this guy is honestly the nicest rabbit we have ever owned. He is sooo friendly and loves people! He enjoys every minute of attention he can get. He is on the lazy side so jumping is taking him more time to learn, he wants to be a couch bun! Jim is a forever rabbit here. 

Meet Kiwi, Kiwi is always entertaining to watch. She is very active and LOVES to run and jump. She is a very happy rabbit and loves to show herself off and binky. Even with her active personality, shes still very cuddly and easy to handle. She is also a forever bun here. 

Tribute To Our Past English Spot Herd

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