Mel’s Spaze

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Frosty (barn name) is probably my fave buck here type wise though its hard to choose! He has very nice type for his colour, hes a small guy but very balanced and has a lot going for him. Several does are currently bred to him and have a cute buck out of this guy that were keeping.

Evaluation: Really nice body on this guy, hes small but still has good width and is very balanced throughout. Very nice head, ear and crown. Love his bone as well! Would just like to see him have some more size and ears could be more open at the top.

Pics Taken at: 6 months

Gender: sr buck

Colour: Solid Frosty

Known Genotype: Aa B_ cchd_ D_ ee (carries self) (possibly carries dilute)

Majority Of Lines: Crossroads & Daybreaks, Mel’s Holland Lops

Bred By: Melanie’s Holland Lops

Show Results: Legs: 0, BIS (0), RIS (0), BOB (0), BOV (0), BOSV (0), BOS (0), 1st (0), 2nd (0), 3rd (0)

Personality: Playful, energetic

For Sale: no

Top Offspring: 


Yellow Brook’s Beefy




Yellow Brook’s Tubby