In the Nestbox

Currently 5 kits, lots more coming! 

Parent Genotypes:
aa B_ cchdcchd OR Ccchd Dd E_ X aa B_ cchcchd Dd ee
Number Of Kits: 2
DOB: January 14th 2020
Lines Of Kits: Yellow Brook
Colours Of Kits: 1 Black, 1 Self Chin?

Yellow Brook's Branson
Yellow Brook's Fandango

Parent Genotypes:
Aa B_ Ccchd dd Ee X A_ B_ Ccchd Dd Ee
Number Of Kits: 3
DOB: November 11th 2019 
Lines Of Kits: Yellow Brook, NGF, Audrey
Colours Of Kits: 1 Chestnut, 1 Chin, 1 Frosty

Yellow Brook's Whirlwind
Yellow Brook's Sound Of Music


  1. In Ontario Canada. I may have pets available in 1-2 months but not sure. If your looking for show/brood then won’t have any until fall or winter probably.

  2. Your bunnies are beautiful.
    What state are you in ?
    I’m looking for a buck blue, blue torte, seal point , or broken blue , broken black. I’m wanting a pet. However I’d still like one that’s beautiful.
    I’ve consider showing however I know nothing about showing bunnies.
    Thank you

  3. Happy Easter! Please look at the annual auctions page, we will have a lot available.

  4. Happy Easter! Do you have show/brood quality buns available or ready? Thank you and have a great day.


  5. We will be going to Ohio Mini Convention in May. So you can probably get transport to Tennessee from that show.

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