CR&DB’s Astoria

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1 yr head shot









Tank (barn name) is an amazing doe! She is being used mainly with our torts and our cream project. She has a body to die for and so much width! Shes the only Holland I have who I would say has perfect crown placement, a crown like hers is not easy to get! If she didn’t have stand up ears I think she would be an amazing show doe, but she has been producing some amazing babies for us and 0 of which has ear control. Shes a friendly doe and has a parsley and kale obsession 😛 One of my favorites in the barn.

Evaluation: This doe has incredible width throughout and in the chest! Excellent body on her, topline and HQ are to die for. She is the only rabbit I have who I would say has perfect crown placement, really could not be any better. Beautiful ears and a cute head as well. Would only fault her on ear control and bone could be thicker.

Pics Taken at: 1yr
Gender: SR doe
Colour: Solid Black Tort
Known Genotype: aa B_ C_ Dd ee (carries dilute) 
Majority Of Lines: Crossroads and Daybreaks, Camelot, Kerret Kreeks
Bred By: Crossroads and Daybreaks Rabbitry
Show Results: Legs: 0, BIS (0), RIS (0), BOB (0), BOV (0), BOSV (0), BOS (0), 1st (0), 2nd (0), 3rd (0)
Personality: Friendly 
For Sale: No 
Top Offspring:


Yellow Brook’s ?? (broken tort prejunior buck)










Yellow Brook’s ? (broken orange prejunior doe)