Due to life changes in pursuing ministry, I unfortunately will be doing a complete herd sell out after over 7 years of raising Holland Lops! It has truly been a blessing and this is so hard to do!
Please see the auction links below for each rabbit. To PLACE A BID on any rabbit simply comment at the bottom of the page with your bid.
Auction will be from April 19th-27th, 2022. The winner of the auction will be the highest bidder at the time of each auction close. The end time of each auction is listed on each rabbit’s individual auction page. Auctions close every 10 minutes starting at 2 p.m. EST April 27th. Winners will be notified at auction close and will need to pay via PayPal or etransfer within 24 hours or rabbit will be offered to next highest bidder.
Bidders please contact us to verify before bidding if you’ve not purchased with us before. We need a Facebook profile link and/or phone number and working email to verify that bidders are legitimate and not spammers in order to protect all parties. If we have not put a note beside your bid you are good to go but please view your bids to see if there is a message to contact us. We’ve had some bids from unknown bidders with unverified email addresses and need to speak to those bidders prior to bids being accepted. If you are bidding in an auction with a high bidder with a note from us beside it please ignore that bid for now and continue bidding over the second highest bidder.
NOTE: There has been a Facebook post with some unfounded accusations which I am addressing here. Just to clear up some misconceptions I have never done a sellout before, downsizes yes, but not a sellout. I am not planning on getting back into rabbits, due to feeling called to ministry and needing that time. I am completely selling out other than 2 retained for pets, though it’s been a very hard decision. People tend to believe the one bad report from a competitor wishing to slander you rather than the many good reports, unfortunately it is how the world works. Please check our reviews on our Facebook page and website.   All rabbits here are exactly as I have described and I’m confident they will do well for everyone.
Some people were bashing the auction format. Due to the fact we’ve arranged for all the rabbits to be delivered to the show as a one time thing (difficult right now with border restrictions still in place), I needed a guarantee they will all sell as I won’t be there to show rabbits to anyone, I can’t get across to the US at this time. So this was the easiest way to make sure they all get homes. I also didn’t know what to price some of the older ones at so this way you can decide that!
It’s very hard for me to sell out as I love them and this is years of blood sweat and tears I’m parting with, seeing that go is not easy. I’ve been blessed to be in rabbits and hope everyone will be very happy with the buns!
The rabbits are all on a locally milled completely fresh feed and in excellent condition. The reason I slowed down on breeding and some haven’t been bred in a bit is due to the Covid situation. Being in Canada the border has been closed since April 2020 and even now due to vaccine restrictions we can still not get across the border (we are paying a friend to transport for us). Therefore I could not attend shows or sell anything and if I continued to breed I would quickly be out of space. I did breed lightly during this time period but just due to the space problem I simply had to slow down and breed less rabbits. I would have completely stopped but I wanted to keep them going for the new buyers. I’d also decided in the last year to pursue ministry and don’t have the time that I used to devote to the rabbits.
All rabbits are healthy and if anything overweight. Some will need a diet lol. Indoor pics were taken days before posting rabbits here, they are brand new. The outdoor pics are outdated I simply didn’t have time to get pics of everyone if I already had pics of them, they look no different now. If anyone wants new pics or vid pls message me but I’m very limited on time so I’m doing my best to get back to everyone.


Please read this sales policy before proceeding to view the auction. All bidding is to be done in USD regardless of your location. All bids must have increments of at least $10. All payments to be made in USD via Paypal with the exception of Canadian buyers who may also use etransfer in Canadian funds converted at current bank exchange rate from US funds. . Once the auction has ended the winning bidder has 24 hours to pay for the rabbit in full, otherwise the seller has the right to offer the rabbit to the next highest bidder.

Transport is the responsibility of the buyer and should be arranged before purchasing. Unless buyer otherwise notifies us ALL rabbits will be transported to Ohio Mini Convention on April 30, 2022 for pickup. Buyer is responsible for meeting the transporter on arrival in a timely manner to pick up their rabbit. The transporter is charging $35 USD per rabbit and this amount must be added to your final auction bid and paid at the same time your rabbit is paid for. We will pay the transporter for you at time of pickup. We can ship WORLDWIDE however all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. If you are looking to ship you must tell us prior to bidding in the auction, and be aware of all the regulations and requirements for your area. Buyers are not allowed to resell a rabbit while they are still in our care. If there are multiple buyers splitting the cost to both buy a rabbit we must be notified. All rabbits are DQ free at the time of being put in the auction unless otherwise mentioned by the seller. Rabbits are sold completely healthy and free of illnesses to the best of our knowledge. All show/brood animals are sold pedigreed, vaccinated for pasteurella, dewormed, and treated for coccidia. However we are not responsible for any injury, illness, or death that may occur after the rabbit has left the property. Rabbits are sold as is, sight unseen with no warranties or guaranties and all sales are final.

When bidding on rabbits in this auction you are agreeing to the above terms.

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