Most years Yellow Brook Rabbitry has a spring and winter auction. Due too our busy winters and summers we don’t get a chance to go to a lot of rabbit shows. So when there is going to be a large number of show/brood stock available at the same time due to not being able to sell for awhile, we find doing an auction is normally the easiest and most fair way to sell them. This way everyone has an equal chance to buy a rabbit. We will choose a large show or convention to deliver all the rabbits too their new owners for every auction. If during the year we have extra rabbits for sale in smaller numbers they will be sold privately on our sales pages. 

**Spring auctions have been finished, check back in the fall**


Please read this sales policy before proceeding to view the auction. All bidding is to be done in USD regardless of your location. All bids must have increments of at least $5. Once the auction has ended the winning bidder has 24 hours to pay for the rabbit in full. Otherwise the seller has the right to offer the rabbit to the next highest bidder. Transport is the responsibility of the buyer and should be arranged before purchasing. We are not responsible for organizing shipping by air overseas or in North America. If you are looking to ship you must tell us prior to bidding in the auction, and be aware of all the regulations and requirements for your area. Buyers are not allowed to resell a rabbit while they are still in our care. If there are multiple buyers splitting the cost to both buy a rabbit we must be notified. All rabbits are DQ free at the time of being put in the auction unless otherwise mentioned by the seller. Rabbits are sold completely healthy and free of illnesses to the best of our knowledge. All show/brood animals are sold pedigreed, vaccinated for pasteurella, dewormed, and treated for coccidia. However we are not responsible for any injury, illness, or death that may occur after the rabbit has left the property. Rabbits are sold as is, sight unseen with no warranties or guaranties. We are not required to refund any said rabbit for any reason.When buying rabbits from us you are agreeing to the above terms. Below you can click accept to view the auction.


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  1. Hi I’m looking for a female lop eared dosen’t matter really what she looks like just looking for one about a year old.

  2. Looking for a broken black buck show type. We need more width, shorter limb and length, and nicer head, ears and crown. I know that’s a lot but we just want to get closer to our goals. We are in the u.s., southern Michigan. Thanks

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