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Below is information on the history, standard of perfection, personality, and more about the 2 breeds we raise!

Holland Lops originated in the Netherlands. Adriann de Cock wanted to create a small more compact breed of lop appearing more like a Netherland Dwarf except with lop ears. Over the years with experimental breeding he crossed French Lops and English Lops with Netherland Dwarfs. Eventually he succeeded in creating a dwarf lop rabbit. It is believed that at some point angoras were crossed in to make their fur softer. Which could be why today it is not uncommon to have Hollands born with wool instead of fur. These Fuzzy Hollands eventually branched off into their own breed American Fuzzy Lops. In 1964 Holland Lops were recognized by the Netherland’s Governing Rabbit Council and a full standard of perfection was created. As he had hoped their popularity spread throughout Europe and later on North America. Finally Hollands were imported from Europe and eventually recognized in 1979 with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Holland Lops are one of the fastest growing and popular breeds today. 

According to the ARBA Standard of Perfection Hollnd Lops should be small yet massive in appearance. They are a small dwarf breed ranging 2-4lbs, but you want them to look big. Everything about the Holland Lop should be short, stocky, and massive. Most of the points go towards the head and body, the head should be large, short, and wide in appearance. You also want small teaspoon shaped ears no longer then the jaw, with a well placed and defined crown. They are grouped as a compact breed with a high headset. So they pose fairy upright which shows off their unique topline. They should also have short thick bone, there is nothing I hate more then bone so long in a Holland that it looks like it will snap off! Theyhave rollback fur and come in a large number of colours, however the most well developed colour is Black Tort. 

Hollands really vary in their personality. Some are energetic, others are more lazy. They generally have litters of 2-4 on average. Hollands are one of the most popular breeds today among rabbit fanciers and pet owners! 

English Spots are believed to be one of the oldest breeds of fancy rabbit! Their exact origin is unknown, however they have been popular in England since the 1850’s. It is commonly thought that they are related to Checkered Giants which are a larger breed of rabbit with similar body type and markings. English Spots were imported to North America in 1910. They were finally recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1924. English Spots are a medium breed of rabbit generally ranging from 5-7lbs so about the size of a small cat. This breed was incredibly popular as a fancy rabbit in the 1900s. Sadly less and less people were raising them as the years went on and their numbers decreased. However they are growing in popularity today and steadily growing in numbers again. They have always been a fancy rabbit for show as well as great family pets. 

English Spots are classified as a full arch breed. They should have a long and slender athletic appearance. Their body should be high off the table with a long rounded topline as well as long and strong bone to balance. English spots are one of the few breeds who are not judged posed! Instead of only being judged on body type, they are judged by their markings and also their movement called tracking. They are allowed to run freely on the judging table, they should track evenly in the hind end with their hindquarter high off the table. They should have a light and springy look to them when they move. Markings are also very important, in fact markings are worth about half of the points. They should have a thick herringbone marking with the herringbone affect with the colour going all the way from the top of the neck to the tip of the tail. The chain should start out with few spots that are small in size, and gradually increase in size and number. Spots on the chain should be round and well defined. They should also have the proper head markings as explained in the standard. 

English Spots are very people orientated and love attention! They are very curious and happy in nature. Some are more energetic while others are more lazy. Generally they have litters of 8 or more. They come in 7 recognized colours and are quickly growing in their popularity with pet owners and rabbit fanciers today. 

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